C64 Memories

C64 Memories 1.0

It helps you to build a small and personal subset of games and applications
1.0 (See all)

C64 Memories helps you to build a relatively small and personal subset of games and applications starting from the big and "chaotic" set that is Tosec.
-Full support for Tosec naming convention: displayed data about games are taken directly from the filename.
-Supports nearly all C64 images: .D64 .T64 .TAP .PRG .P00 .D71 .D80 .D81 .D82 .G64 .G41 .X64
-Comes with a C64 emulator: C64 Memories uses a slighlty modified version of Vice2.2 emulator.
-Directories display: the list of the content of a .D64 or .T64 file is displayed in automatic by C64 Memories.
-Favorites folder: you can add your favorite games in the favorites folder (and every disk/tape of a sequence is added in automatic).
-Search filters: you can filter results for the first letters, substrings and you can show only the first disk/tape of a sequence.
-Snapshots galleries: your can take screenshots from inside the games and the pictures will be displayed in automatic in C64 Memories.
-Notes: you can add custom notes for every single game.
-Ratings: you can rate every single game.
-Search providers: you can easily find additional informations (review, screenshots, remake, music) over the Internet for every single game just by pressing a button.

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